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On June 8th I found while looking for a web designer in Tokyo. I have a really good friend from there so I knew that there were really great graphic designers there. When I found this young lady's site I was very impressed with her work. So I contacted her for a quote.

After listening to my needs she quoted me a price of $300, but stated that I would need to pay 1/3 of the price upfront for her to begin. Once I made payment she sent me a contract. In the contract she made it very clear that if for whatever reason she would issue a full refund if any issues arose.

Unaware that my boss had already contracted someone else to do the work the very next day after paying Deanna Wooten I receive and email from my boss with design ideas he had someone else do. We submitted the designs and they were ultimately approved, hence we no longer needed Deanna to do any work. On June 9th I sent Deanna an email and explained to her what happen and apologized for the trouble. I assured her that we would definitely be in need of her services in the near future and to not worry. For 2 days I received no response from her.

Since she didn't respond, I decided to start the dispute process. Immediately after filing the dispute( as expected) now she responds to me emails. She replied that "I went to issue you the refund, but since you filed a dispute PayPal has blocked my account." I'm now told my PayPal this is the biggest scam in the book. Scammers always try to get you to cancel your dispute, because they know once you cancel it you lose your rights to claim your money.

So like a fool, I cancelled the complaint. After I did so, she still insisted that her account was on hold and all her funds were pending. She told me she would email PayPal to see what was going on. I told her that I would call PayPal myself to see what was going on. And now she said she would call. At first it was email, now she said she would call. Two days go by and I still never heard anything back from her.

I contacted PayPal, was told that she had not emailed them or called. They said that there was absolutely nothing wrong on her account that would keep her from issuing a refund. After telling them what was going on they RE-OPENED my claim which is something they don't normally do, but they did so, because they saw that she had requested to withdraw the funds from her account. The agent hoped we would catch it on time to keep her from getting the money.

At this time we still believed in this lady, so the PayPal agent said she would email Deanna to see if she would like PayPal to issue the refund on her behalf since she was claiming to be totally confused about her account. Deanna refused to acknowledge any of PayPal's emails, but claimed that she never received any emails. Yet, every email that was sent regarding the dispute was sent to me so I know she got them.

Then she told me there was a message on her account and her funds would be released on the 17th. When the 17th came, there was still no refund. She even emailed me claiming that her account shows that I was paid. When I received no refund I called PayPal to try to figure out what she was talking about, because she was acting like a complete ***. It was then that PayPal told me that she had withdrawn the funds from the account and it was finalized on the 17th.

So basically she set this entire scam up from the very beginning and toyed with me until the money cleared her account. Once the money cleared the account she deleted all of her bank information from her PayPal account.

If that wasn't bad enough she emailed me the same night she pulled this scam saying for me to send her a "buy now" button and she would pay me with her credit card. She's still insisting that PayPal is causing her problems and she was going to use her credit card to pay me. Now that I'm thinking about, I'm sure she was using a stolen credit card, because when I posted this complaint on another website she claimed that her credit card "does not allow her to use it online." We're in 2010. What credit on earth will not let someone make an online purchase? Not to mention she never even mentioned to me anything about this. I had no idea why she didn't pay me when I sent her the buy now button considering she was the one that emailed me asking for it. She just disappeared like she's been doing this entire time.

Now she's trying to make it seem like I was being impatient with her and it's all a misunderstanding. I mean, the more I think about it, I don't even think this girl is in Japan. I think she is probably one of those Nigerian scammers or something. I never lost my cool with her until she didn't pay me via the buy now button, so there is no way she can say I was "impatient." I was "impatient" by filing the dispute, when she withdrew the money. If she knew I wanted my money back, why did she initiate a withdrawal?

Review about: Graphic Design.



I don't think anyone will agree on a side to this story because you have issues in your complaint that are false and not evident as being a fact. Still I am getting many clients who are very happy with me. You are the only one because one simple unfortunate incident happened you accuse me of being a liar. I lost my professionalism with you when you started to curse me out! Also you are lieing about when you started cursing me out. You began to quickly curse me out as soon as I told you that I was having difficulty giving you the refund.

Paypal again only gives "assumptions" as to what "may have happened" They did not tell you as a fact that I withdrew money. It was a maybe and that's the only answer they give people... Paypal didn't say how or when money was withdrew. Yes money was taken out after the pending deposit which I told you about, however I also told you they were unauthorized transactions that I did not make and that I was trying to settle with paypal.. I've been with paypal for years with that account. Only recently I began using it for business because I am living overseas now. So maybe my system is not perfect but I work hard to make it work and I stayed in communication with you throughout the entire ordeal even after you called me "an ugly ***" only a few days into the issue.. Also you canceled the project and asked for a refund within 3 days. I didn't notice it till day 4 because I was busy with going to school and working my other job. Yeah I...

Also I am not having financial hardship so to speak, but I do live on a tight budget which probably made it difficult to be prepared for a scenario much like this. I have over 2 dozen happy clients. All of which can vouch for a) my professionalism and b) my integrity.

You my friend will not and have not ruined me although you have tried. And still even after I gave you the refund you still have not apologized to me for calling me a scam artist. But I apologized to you.

I don't look for sympathy. I Just pointed out the truth and the facts on my end of the story.. You just made assumptions that were false and uncalled for. You must have been having financial hardships as well since you had to freak out at me about such a small amount of money. Must have gotten your gas shut off or something.


btw a few people have read your complaint and feel you are an exaggerating, impatient.. and I wont say the other word.. but I guess you can figure the last part out.

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I'm going to say this and I'm done. Deanna is a liar. I strongly believe that Deanna was going through some financial hardship and she withdrew the money knowing full well that I had requested the refund. I notified her in less than 24 hours from paying her that I was not going forward with this project.

She was a unverified member on PayPal. Her withdrawing the funds and all other comments I've made was stated to me by Paypal.

Now she is trying to make this into a "impatient" person scenario. This is not the case. I was more than patient with her. When she asked me to close the dispute, I did with no questions I asked. I waited 2 days before saying anythng else about the refund. When I heard nothing from her I contacted her.

When contacted I was told that I needed to wait until the 17th. On the 17th still no refund. She then said "my account says you were refunded" when clearly I hadn't received anything. I called PayPal to ask what was going on. The dispute (now reopened after explaining to PayPal what she was saying) was immediately closed and ruled in my favor. However, no funds could be given to me, because Deanna had withdrew the money and it took until the 17th for the withdrawal to be finalized.

At this point I still did not curse her out. It wasn't until she told me to create a "buy now" button and that she would pay me with her credit card. At first I wasn't creating the right thing so she and I went back...

Mysteriously her credit card "doesn't allow her to make online purchases." She didn't even have enough sense to email me to tell me that. Instead she just cut off all communication. Up to this point I still never cursed her out. As she said we're on different time zones and it was 2am by then for me. I told myself I would go to bed and if she hadn't paid me by morning I would take the money as a loss and post my complaints. And this is what I did. And I also "cursed her out." And if you had to go through what I went through with her, you would've too.

This is the kind of person I HAD TO DEAL WITH. And it's amazing that she honestly sees herself as a victim. Yes, she did just yesterday refund my money after 16 days. It took me less than 3 minutes to send my money to her and 16 days to get it back.

And because I woldn't symphatize with her situation she taunted me through email saying "I'm holding on to your money, because I enjoy seeing you upset." "Me and my friends are having fun laughing at you."

I've said all I'm going to say about this. This chapter is now closed. Buyer beware! Although she may not be a scammer she is very unprofessional and has no idea how to communicate with people or to do business.

Deanna FYI you're in the real world, people don't care about your problems. I didn't pay you my money to listen to your issues. I paid you for a business transaction that was canceled.

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:grin Haha yeah right.. I responded to your email's within 24hrs or less....accept for only 1 time where I had an extremely busy day... you still somehow think I live in Nigeria scamming people all day on my computer lmao ... I'm on the other side of the world in a place called Japan and we have a huge gap in time difference so sorry if I didn't respond right away when you'd email me when it was 1:00am here and I was sleeping. I'm a human I need sleep some time..

BTW for anyone who manages to stumble upon this load if dribble complaint.. this woman has received her deposit in full.

She cursed me out within less than a weeks time when I was having difficulty getting her her refund. She accused me of withdrawing funds just so that I couldn't pay her her money back. Yet still with in 2 weeks time since the day she requested her money back she received her refund in full... She's highly impatient and she some how thinks people need to jump when she says so. :roll

Freelancers living abroad beware of this woman...


You don't steal people's money but I don't have mine back.You have lied about everything.

Why would you withdraw the funds if you knew that I requested a refund? Why would you tell me that you're going to pay me with your credit card and to send you a invoice and never pay me? You never responded to any of my emails. It was only then that I cussed you out.

So stop lying.

I only cussed you out after a entire week of you playing around with me.An entire week of you playing like you're *** and can't figure out how to give a refund.


Of course now this is getting ridiculous. :roll

"I love the way this woman continues to think I'm a scammer.. Still as of yet she refuses to check any references I have on my website. Also she is making up far fetched lies by saying I'm a scammer..and is assuming I've done all of these things to her intentionally.. I also mentioned to this woman that paypal honestly never sent me a message to issue her the refund... I personally contacted paypal several times myself to ask them to issue a refund and I was told that I had pending balances on my account which left me with not enough funds to give her a refund.

My bank account has been removed from paypal for months due to the fact that I am over seas and since I make most of my purchases with my paypal account I could not afford to keep my bank account linked to my paypal since I had run into issues in the past where my account had funds withdrawn repeatedly and I had a lot of money out of my bank account for sometime... Although I now no longer live in the US I cannot go through such trouble again with my bank and use it only for emergencies and to pay my rent and also set my card to have pretty high security on it.

Yes funds were removed from my account on May 17th.. which I explained to her that some company withdrew money from my paypal account and that I needed to resolve it because it was an unauthorized withdrawl. Still I...

This woman is horribly delusional. She only heard paypal say that "Oh only scammers ask people to remove disputes".. that is 100% untrue. I also was not aware that paypal does not allow people to reopen disputes... Also it only took me 1 day to respond to her after she asked for a refund.. When I responded to her I did not see the dispute open on my account because I checked her mail first and only saw her ask for that refund...I responded to that message first then I opened my paypal account and saw there was a dispute.. I kept trying to find a button to issue a refund and couldn't find it.. I asked her to remove the dispute which she kindly did. Immediately after I tried issuing a refund again yet my paypal account had multiple pending balances including hers. Which was not there the last time I checked my account. I kept sending paypal emails and only got generic responses from their automated system which gives directions on how to refund.. yet none of the directions worked.. I told her this and told her to re-open the dispute with in the same day.. she didn't do what I asked... yet waited days to do so. I didn't respond for a while to her because I thought she was being patient enough to wait till the pending balances were completed.

She then responds to me cursing and calling me a scammer when she was the one who refused to do that I asked about issuing the dispute again.

I still intend on giving this woman a refund but reluctantly because she has been nothing but terrible to me and sent me terrible emails cursing at me calling me horrible names.. accusing me of being a terrible person when I never intentionally did anything she said.

I do hope to resolve her issue soon so that she can then see I am not a scammer. It is just unfortunate for me that I had to deal with such a person at such a bad time.

I have dozens of clients who have no problems with me at all here in Japan. I work closely with each of them and go above and beyond for them and they do so for me. I also enjoy building personal relationships with them which is why I enjoy working here so much.

I hope to never run into someone like her again.. I'm happy working locally with my clients here in Japan and right now I have many happy customers...

I dont steal from people and I never have... and I never will.. I believe in karma."

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